Spang & Company

Founded in 1894, Spang & Company is a diversified manufacturing company.
Through the work of three unique product lines, we design, produce and supply precision soft magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry and custom engineered solutions to the power industry. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Spang & Company provides products and services on a worldwide scale, with sales offices and manufacturing plants around the globe.

Learn more about our product lines below.

Spang Engineered Solutions offers custom inductive components inan array of industries. We offer a portfolio of innovative tools, along with decades of expertise, providing high-quality, turnkey solutions for even the most challenging inductor designs.

Magnetics is a leading supplier of precision soft magnetic components. We specialize in the research, design and production of a broad range of high-quality power cores, ferrite cores and strip wound cores for a variety of applications in the electronics industry.

Spang Power Electronics designs and manufactures a full line of power control equipment for highly critical industrial processes. We are committed to implementing best-in-class technology in semiconductors, microprocessors and software.